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Product & Solutions
ERP Export Services

Process Industry
When recipe-based bills of materials, multi-level batch traceability and flow-rate optimization are key, Mansab Solutions Consulting Business solutions offers a great mix of control and flexibility.

As a company in the process manufacturing industry, you have to overcome a wide range of challenges in order to meet customers’ demands for fast deliveries at the lowest possible costs. At the same time, you face increasingly strict legal regulations. In order to stay competitive, you need business software that helps you shorten development cycles, react quickly to customer trends and consistently adhere to constantly changing legal regulations. Hence Mansab business solutions are one of the best in industry, with implementations in 10+ verticals and more than 40+ clients, we have nurtured the best solutions around industry best practices.


Discreet Manufacturing
With the non-continuous nature of processes involved that usually intricate assembly of components into finished goods requires right quantities at the right time while maintaining the quality of product for which a customer is ready to pay a price, need of ERP is admissible. Hence Mansab solutions helps you to achieve high efficiency rate by better planning of resources for all your production processes. Availability of real-time updated data not only helps to manage capacity but also leads to cost cutting by optimizing resources to achieve the committed delivery dates.

Mansab ERP solutions help to:

  • Reduce costs by improving operations with lean manufacturing capabilities.
  • Robust system to track and monitor customer needs and deadlines by coordinating multichannel communication with customers.
  • Helps to integrate product development with different departments such as manufacturing, accounting, purchasing and procurement.
  • Provide a comprehensive view of customer information by developing profitable customer relationships
  • Helps to shorten development cycles and provide transparency in supply chain till suppliers.
  • Achieve demand-driven production.
  • Increase replenishment efficiency.
  • Accelerate continuous improvement.
  • Understand value streams, eliminate bottlenecks, and identify improvement opportunities.
  • Free people for higher-value activities.


Retail Industry
Complete shopping experience can only be delivered by empowering enterprise and midsized retailers to be dynamic to deliver seamless experience and differentiating solution for point of sale (POS) multichannel management, store operations, e-commerce, merchandising, financials, supply chain, and more. This not only help retailers to gain insight, operate with agility, exceed consumer expectations but also helps to have long-term loyalty with more time to value.

With Microsoft Dynamics for Retail you will be able to connect to customers by having:

  • Omni-channel capabilities
  • Fully integrated on-line, storefront, and mobile POS
  • Personalized convenience and transparency across any channel or device.
  • Support for social and mobile commerce one can offer promotions, discounts, or coupons targeted to devices or social networks and create new opportunities for customer engagement.
  • Empower employees by providing rich product details and display custom content, while creating and managing orders at the POS

Stay Connected:
  • Deliver More Value Faster
  • Purpose-built for the new retail realityy
  • Connect store associates
  • Take advantage of marketplaces and social commerce:

Agile and Opportunistic:
  • Capitalize on Opportunities and Reduce Risk
  • Improve organizational responsiveness with a 360-degree view of your businesss
  • Upgrade easily
  • Scale up or out easily

Personally Relevant:
  • Drive Adoption and Build Loyalty
  • Improve customer service
  • Encourage user adoption
  • Empower your people to be more productive Mansab Solutions equips the Dynamic Retailer with technology and features that you can use to drive your retail vision across channels, locally or globally. Bringing together POS, Omni-channel management, store operations, merchandising, supply chain, and more in an end- to-end solution delivers full visibility across your entire business operation while empowering your users.

Industries we cater::
  • Food & Beverages
  • Garment
  • Jewelry
  • Fashion & Footwear
  • Book Houses
  • Pharmacy

Real State
The Real Estate Suite for Microsoft Dynamics AX is solution designed for the owners / managers of property assets to assist them in managing the leasing/ sales of properties and the administration of such leases / contracts to maximize revenues through minimizing vacancies and managing costs. Whether you are a residential, commercial, or non-residential property manager, as the economy fluctuates, you need to quickly adjust your business to reflect the changes in occupancy levels, operating costs, and revenue streams. The Real Estate Suite for Microsoft Dynamics AX can give you deeper insight into the status of individual Property / Unit information, an overview of your entire Property Database and the strategic tools empowering you to drive the productivity and deliver personalized customer service that differentiates the customer market place.

The Real Estate Suite is built inside Microsoft Dynamics AX, which is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System. It is implemented using the Dynamics AX technical framework and using Dynamics AX facilities for generic functionality.

The solution may be implemented in two different scenarios:

  • As part of a fully integrated ERP in clients looking to install a new or replacement ERP system and for whom Dynamics AX is an appropriate solution
  • As an extension to an existing Dynamics AX system to provide the Real Estate Management Functionality

Construction Management Suite
Construction companies are faced with the challenging task of managing the bidding process and execution processes (after the project is won) for large and complex projects. At its core the project life cycle can be summarized by five critical components; Bidding & Estimation, Project Forecasting & Planning, Project execution by way of own resource and/or Subcontracting, Project resource Management and Project Cost Control.

End to end solutions are the need of the hour, to meet the complex business needs of the construction companies, streamline the processes for optimal productivity and effective project management. The Construction Suite for Dynamics AX along with AX Project Module is a one-stop solution that will improve operational efficiency, reduce IT costs and increase your customer satisfaction level as well as your bottom line. It will also let you effectively manage all critical project components, and provides a holistic and project centric approach to efficiently managing all parts of your projects life cycle, sales, operational as well as administrative.

Public Sector and Government
The most successful public sector organizations and governments are powered by individuals who are contributing fully, able to make a difference, and committed to their employer’s success. When you unlock the potential in these people, you help them realize their full capabilities and drive significant impact. Public sector organizations—government, educational institutions, healthcare, and not-for-profit agencies—are under pressure to find new ways to cut costs, increase transparency, and improve constituent services. Empowering people to drive innovative processes is more important than ever before. Along with our partners, Microsoft offers solutions for: With a Microsoft Dynamics solution for manufacturing, you can:

  • Government. Get the tools you need to provide services to citizens—faster and more cost-effectively.
  • Government administration. Discover how increased visibility, internal controls, and reporting tools can help you (and your budget) stay a step ahead of compliance and administrative requirements.
  • Public services. Empower workers through innovative solutions and programs that enable efficiency, drive citizen engagement, and create sustainable economic and social opportunity for citizens.
  • Public safety and justice. Help improve coordination between programs and agencies, and streamline public safety management with solutions to track offenders, manage incidents, investigate crimes, and respond to emergencies.
  • Defense. Gain a powerful and flexible application framework to help you deliver defense and national security solutions that are easy to use and that leverage your current investment in Microsoft technologies, so you can more effectively manage your operations and provide real-time data and insights.
  • Educational institutions. Help enhance student productivity, manage the cost of learning, and maximize outreach to alumni.
  • Healthcare. Get what you need to improve care delivery, lower costs, and help patients manage their care and its cost.
  • Not-for-profit organizations. Help your people realize their full potential, and make your organization leaner and more responsive.

As businesses grow, so do their HR and payroll problems. Often it is not just about a larger number of employees, the problems could be manifold if they have a myriad of HR & Payroll activities.

Complexities in the Payroll requirements in KSA requires a comprehensive and effective Payroll Management System. As the number of variables grows each time you are processing salaries, the chances of errors creeping in increase. The system grows with you as your business grows, keeping your organization nimble and focused on outperforming competitors. The information, the Payroll, provides gives HR a seat at the table by giving executives visibility into strategic indicators like employee turnover and retention.

KSA Payroll
The Payroll has been designed to maximize the efficiency and output of the users using AX. Have an effective tracking of all your employee details, Employee Dependents and family members & Documents, their attendance, Overtime, performance linked incentives, leaves, expense reimbursements as well as various deductions mandated by labour and tax laws as such. Use the effective filters to process the payroll through a workflow automation and approvals thereby reducing the manual intervention during the Payroll process Seamless transaction processing with the General Ledger module's flexible account structure for dimension accounting gives a comprehensive employee statement of accounts. The payroll offers to generate comprehensive reports, including pre and post-payroll process analysis of earnings, benefits, deductions, accruals, and taxes for the pay period. Use the EFT functionality to generate the Bank Files and eliminate the time and cost of printing and distributing paychecks.

KSA Payroll for MS Dynamics AX – Highlights
Core Human Resource Management

  • Organization Management - Administer organizational structures, including formal and informal hierarchies and position management
  • Recruitment - Administer recruitment processes including campaigns, screening, developments, and candidate correspondencee
  • Skills Mapping - Analyze skills (gaps) based on job profiles and search for skills (including filtering and weighting of skills
  • Set up, deliver, and analyze training courses
  • Employee Development - Conduct structured appraisal interview with employees
  • Training - Set up, deliver, and analyze training courses. Provide an overview of the courses an employee has completed to help you review his or her skills and competence areas


Company Parameters

  • Setting up of Company parameters as per Saudi Labour Law
  • Definition of Company info such as Sponsorship, License etc.,
  • Definition of GOSI and GOSI percentages for Saudis and Non-Saudis
  • Support of multi company requirements
  • Definition of the following
  • Departments
  • Contract Profession
  • Iqama Profession
  • Nationalities
  • Religion
  • Job position
  • Relation Types
  • Ability to define Employee Master by Employee types, Employee Groups, etc.,
  • Ability to define maximum ceiling for GOSI
  • Ability to create multiple type of contracts like open, closed, etc.,
  • Definition of multiple allowances, pay codes, Salary Levels etc.,
  • Ability to define Flexible End of Service Ranges for all employees
  • Set up of Visa Details of Employee and relatives
  • Set up of Company documents



  • Ability to define multiple annual vacation types like, 21 day, 30 days, etc.,
  • Ability to define different calculation methodologies for the Vacation pay for all or individual employees
  • Ability to calculate Vacation Balances for the different vacation types and options to carry forward, no carry forward etc.,
  • Periodic accrual of Vacation tickets and ticket value Validate the employee leave balance during a Leave transaction

Employee Loans

  • Ability to set up multiple Loan types such as personal Loan, salary advance, car loan etc.,
  • Ability to include / exclude loan deductions during the monthly payroll calculation
  • Ability to suspend loans for a period of time

Employee Transactions

  • Ability to define additional transactions against employee for overtime, loss of pay and any other additions or deductions to monthly payroll etc.,
  • Ability to record all the Government Relation Officer (Mowaqeb) Transactions and follow up actions
  • Ability to define the fixed assets issued to employees

Salary Processing

  • Salary processing options by Employee, by Department, by Employee Groups
  • Options to stop salaries for specific employees
  • Options for combining Vacation Pay along with Monthly Payroll
  • Automatic accrual posting of GOSI, Vacation Salary & Vacation Ticket Values
  • Automatic posting to GL by Employee, by Department, by Employee Groups
  • Automatic reclassification of payroll entries for employees belonging to Projects
  • Workflow approval for Salary Calculation and Financial Postings
  • Printing of Salary Statement, Employee Pay slips and Salary Summary Sheets
  • Posting of Settlement vouchers for Loan Payment, Loan Repayment, Salary Payment, Vacation Salary Payment etc., Email options to send the Payslips to Employees Integration to Bank by generating the required Bank file format for the Salary Transfer

Employee Payments

  • Posting of Payment Vouchers using workflows to employees using options such as Bank transfer, check, cash etc.,
  • Record the payments of Loans, Loans repayment, Vacation Pay, monthly salary etc., by Payroll Disbursements


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