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Product & Solutions
Microsoft Dynamics GP

A Proven Solution for Your Business
For more than 25 years, Microsoft Dynamics GP has delivered the functionality, performance, and ease of use that power diverse businesses around the world. From financials and human resource Management to manufacturing and operations, Microsoft Dynamics GP brings people and systems together to help you run your business more efficiently.

Gain Greater Control
Greater control is about having visibility into how your business is performing—it’s about knowing that your system will help drive decision-making processes and enable your people to be more proactive and productive.

Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you confidence that the right people in your organization are making the right decisions. And it delivers the insight you need to monitor business performance from every possible angle—from employee time and resources to inventory and shipping.

Get the insight you need to manage your business. Increase financial transparency with integrated systems, shared data, and drill-down capabilities that give you visibility into your transactions and audit trails.

Improve decision-making processes to speed response time. Define who on your team can make critical business decisions on your behalf, and help them respond quickly and confidently using intuitive tools such as Microsoft Dynamics Role Tailored dashboards, workflows with built-in notifications and alerts, and automated approval routings. Go beyond basic reporting with powerful self-service analysis and business intelligence tools.

Help your people work more proactively with the ability to spot opportunities and identify potential problems before they occur, and significantly reduce ad hoc requests to the IT department for reports and other information.

Adapt Quickly—and Grow Your Business
You and your employees share a common aspiration to grow your business. To reach this goal, you need a solution that can support changing demands along the way. Simple to learn and use, Microsoft Dynamics GP works with the technology systems you already have to deliver long-term value without a complex and costly implementation:

  • Scale as your business grows. Gain the flexibility you need to accommodate new business processes and lines of business, and scale your solution to meet new demands without significant increases to your original investment—or your payroll.
  • Gain built-in personalization and customization tools. Quickly adapt Microsoft Dynamics GP to meet your unique business requirements without requiring any IT support or placing any additional strain on your other resources.
  • Choose the right solution for you. With flexible on-premises or cloud deployment options, you can choose the solution that works best for your business—and help increase IT flexibility without increasing costs.


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