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Beyond IT 

Product & Solutions
Infrastructure Services

Mansab Solutionoffers datacenter solutions for a host of problems. Our solution specialists are responsive to the unique needs of customers. By anticipating problems and developing optimal designs, on time and within budget, Mansab Solutionprovides always available, scalable, redundant, fault-tolerant, manageable and maintainable solutions for mission critical environments.

Mansab Solution specializes in products and product-based services that integrate to provide solutions for a host of IT-centric environments including: datacenters, computer rooms, server rooms/closets, MDFs, IDFs, wiring/network closets, phone rooms, network operation centers, command bridges and general office area environments that effectively route power, voice & data to workstations through trading floors.

Our wide-ranging project experience in designing a variety of technical spaces allows Mansab Solutionto focus on developing datacenter solutions for our customers' critical systems availability problems before they get out of hand. The ability to manage complexity while emphasizing preventative problem-solving is the key to our success.

  • Consultancy and design
  • Integration of Racks, Servers and KVM
  • Data Center Networking (switching and routing) installation and configuration
  • Rise flooring delivery and istallation
  • Cable tray/ladder installation and cable management
  • Labeling and documentation
  • Environmental sensor installation and configuration
  • Power budget calculation and UPS planning
  • UPS installation and configuration
  • Electrical cabling for the UPS and power distribution
  • Configuration of auto shutdown and re-start of server
  • Material delivery (Servers, Racks, KVM, etc)
  • Data Centre Relocations
  • Data Centre Consolidation
  • Server virtualization
  • CTV and Access control system
  • Fire detection and prevention system


Unified Communication
Mansab Solutionhelps businesses to connect, communicate and collaborate with confidence.

Business have always needed stable and secure communication tools that interact with employees, customers and business partners. With the advent of unified communications, the convergence of voice, video and data over Internet Protocol (IP), businesses now have new ways to connect, communicate and collaborate. By improving communication efficiency and speed, businesses become faster, more efficient and more competitive. We have tremendous experience successfully deploying unified communications solutions. We know best how to plan, design, deploy and manage an IP based solution tailored for your specific business needs. Our assistance can give you the power to control your information flow to make better, faster, more innovative business decisions. Through collaboration, your employees will access to more information, gain mobility and increase productivity.

Mansab Solutionoffers the following services for you.

  • IP Telephony consultancy services
  • System analysis and network design
  • Preparation of bill of materials (BoQ)
  • Installation and configuration of
    • Call Manager
    • Call Manager Express
    • High Availability
    • Gateway Integration
    • PSTN, E1 and SIP configuration
  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange server
  • Centralize billing solution
  • Unified fax solution
  • System expansion and up gradation
  • Preparation of switching and routing infrastructure for the IP Telephony system
  • Licensing and Smartnet services
  • Documentation service

Switching, Routing and Wireless Solutions
Mansab Solution provides consulting, design and planning services to help develop business models, design networks and take over complete business processes for our Clients. We provide architecture, design, implementation planning, rapid integration, project management, product planning and financial modeling for your network infrastructure. We help you securely integrate and support data, voice and video networks, design intelligent network infrastructures, leverage new technologies and quickly seize opportunity in order to connect, run and grow your business.

For the architecture to work as intended, it needs be implemented in accordance with the design and without compromising network availability or performance.

In collaboration with your team, we take an architectural approach to helping you create a more intelligent, responsive, integrated network. Through a robust portfolio of services, we can help you align IT to the needs of the business, unify network-based services, and create a flexible architecture optimized for your organization. We can help you assess readiness to support proposed solutions, integrate new capabilities, and keep network devices and applications secure, available, and operating reliably.

Our Cisco certified technical experts can help your business in many ways:

  • Infrastructure consultancy and design
  • Installation and configuration of core and access switches and router
  • Advanced configuration services (QoS, HA, load balancing, link aggregation, etc)
  • Wireless network design, installation and configuration
  • Wireless Point-to-Point link installation and configuration
  • System up gradation and expansion
  • WAN connectivity over leased line, ADSL, MPLS, IP/VPN, Wireless and VSAT
  • Internet links planning, supply and installation
  • Cisco Smartnet services
  • Delivery and system integration of switches and routers

IT Infrastructure Security Services
Information security is the process of preventing destruction, theft, alteration, or misuse of sensitive information. IT security solution provides the design and architecture of a realistic solution based on the business environment to minimize business threats and risks. We build our security architectures based on the principles of defense in depth and multi-layered defense mechanisms. These ensure that the organization has several layers of protection that can thwart the most malicious of hackers even if they manage to penetrate some parts of the IT system. The design also balances protection with cost, to provide an optimum, cost effective security solution that is in accordance with the business requirements.

Our Security Solution Service includes

  • Security auditing and Consultancy
  • Security system analysis and re-engineering
  • System Monitoring and reporting
  • Data center security services
  • Security system troubleshooting ad maintenance
  • Unified Treat Management (UTM) installation and configuration
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) installation and configuration
  • AntiVirus system installation and configuration
  • AntiSpam solution installation and configuration
  • Internet content filtering solution(web, chat, youtube, download, P2P, etc)
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention system implementation
  • Patches and updates management
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Security system expansion and up gradation
  • Security Policies and Procedures
  • Integration and optimization
  • High availability solutions
  • Hardware delivery and software subscription and it's renewal

Microsoft Core Infrastructure Services
Find the right resources to help you to plan and deploy Microsoft infrastructure solutions. An integrated Microsoft infrastructure can help you to reduce IT complexity and cost, increase your returns on investment (ROI), and transform your core infrastructures into strategic assets.

Our certified and experienced technical team is able to deliver any kind of Microsoft infrastructure solutions with minimum service interruption and down time.

We provide professional services on the below Microsoft core infrastructure areas.

  • Microsoft Windows infrastructure consultancy
  • Installation and configuration of windows server 2008
  • Planning, designing and implementation of Active Directory
  • Planning and configuration of Group Policies
  • File and Print service configuration
  • Active Directory System Up gradation
  • Active Directory System Migration
  • Infrastructure service configuration (DNS, DHCP and WINS)
  • Exchange server 2010 installation and configuration
  • Exchange server up gradation and migration
  • Redundancy and high availability solution for Exchange 2010
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of AD and Exchange
  • WSUS installation and configuration
  • SCCM installation and configuration
  • Public Digital certificate supply, installation and configuration Threat Management Gateway 2010 (TMG) installation and configuration System documentation

Mansab‘s smart access control system goes beyond traditional access control, enforcing business policy, allowing you to manage multiple clearances, licenses and competences for cardholders and ensuring your business’s duty of care and health & safety obligations are met. It utilizes electronic card readers, RFIDs, fingerprint readers and keypads.

Our security solutions cater for all levels of security from fully monitored access control for a critical infrastructure site to cost-effective wireless and data-on-card options for securing dormitories and lockers. With our Smar Access Admin, you can achieve automated access control across single site facilities or multiple global sites.

Mansab provides a complete range of solutions for a broad spectrum of industry segments and applications. Whether you need a few cameras, or a few thousand, our solutions are easy to install and easy to adapt to changing needs. With our long experience and proven track record in network video technology, you can rest assured that Mansab will enable you to achieve your IP surveillance ambitions. Mansab network video solutions are based on open standards, giving you maximum flexibility when choosing surrounding equipment. The solutions are fully scalable and allow you to take advantage of the latest technologies and features.


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